The Whiteboard Sales Call Kung-fu

If I offered to show you a proven way to confidently close four figure copywriting deals over the phone (and in your DMs)…

❌Even if you do not have a sales background…

❌Without needing you to be a “baller high ticket closer”

❌Without using any high pressure sales strategies

❌Even if you suck donkey balls at sales

❌Even if you couldn’t sell your way out of a paper bag

❌Without doing any high pressure manipulation that makes the prospect feel uncomfortable

…all by tapping into what I call the “Whiteboard Sales Call Framework”…  would you be interested?

Here’s the rub:

This is a Workshop”, for copywriters (and freelancers) who do NOT have a sales background… but want to be able to close deals with their clients.

Your investment to access this workshop is $169.

If you close a single client with what I share in this workshop, then the workshop pays for itself (and then some).


I am not a salesperson. Negotiation is my weakness sauce.

I suck donkey balls at sales.

I do not have a sales background. 

I was trained as a farmer.

And frankly, I hate sales so much I had to come up with a way to close my deals without actually “hard selling” them over the phone.

Is it the best way to close deals?


Has it worked for me?

Hell friggin’ yeah!

And I’ve been able to implement this strategy to close several four figure deals over the phone… and in the DMs despite not really being a sales person.

That being said, over the past 6 months I’ve finagled with my approach… and I’ve gotten it to a point where I’m comfortable sharing it in a workshop

This is the workshop.

As I said above:

It’s $169.69 to access the workshop instantly.


Tap this link to order the workshop(Order page work in progress)