The Forbidden Hook Theory Jutsu Infinite Idea Workshop

If I offered to invite you to a workshop where I show you how you can come up with a bottomless wellspring of ideas, hooks, stories, analogies and metaphors for your emails (and social media content), would you be interested?

Here’s the deal:

This is a workshop where I share my Forbidden Hook Theory Jutsu for unlimited email ideas and angles. 

For the past 4 years, or so I’ve written, without a break… at least 5 unique emails a week… every single week as an email copywriter. 

I also wrote roughly 500 unique emails for myself back when my list was still active.

All in all, this is over 1,775 different emails I’ve written in countless niches to different markets. And over the years I got really good at coming up with analogies, hooks, stories and angles to use in these emails.

I took my method, and broke it down into what I call:

The Forbidden Hook Theory Jutsu for coming up with unlimited ideas for your emails

Here’s part of what I’m going to cover in the workshop:

•The creativity equation 

•The two heads of the writer’s block hydra, and how to cut them off

•The three core warheads of the value nuclear warhead

•The Three Wisemen of the ideation process (The drunk philosopher, the shameless shill master, the sinful researcher)

•Eight “quick and dirty” ways to get acquainted with a new offer FAST so you can pump out its emails even faster.

•The four parts branches of philosophy (and why each one unlocks a whole new stream of ideas and angles)

•Where to get stories to create metaphors and analogies

•The four main value nukes your emails will deliver

•The Bruce Lee School of email copywriting

•The importance of “saying one thing a thousand different times, over saying a thousand things once.”

•To sin is human, here’s how to use said sins to understand your customers on a scary deep level, super fast through the high speed sinful research method.

•Email hook polymorphism – How to give your hooks new life and keep them in your back pocket for reuse.

•The “Fat Fuck” exercise – A practical application of hook polymorphism, showing how to take a single hook and angle, and apply it to an increasingly varied list of niches and markets.

… and much much more.

… all in all the purpose of Hook Theory is to create an in depth “email prompt list” to feed your subconscious with enough fuel to naturally link ideas in your head and pump out a near infinite supply of email hooks and ideas on the fly. 

Done right, the Forbidden Hook Theory Jutsu can effectively wipe away writer’s block.

Here’s the deal:

This is an hour thirty minutes long workshop where I share my full methodology for coming up with ideas for my emails.

Your investment to access the recordings?


If you’re a working email copywriter, you’ll recoup the price the next time you sit down to write emails… and use Hook Theory to plan a whole week’s worth of emails in less time than it takes to take a shower.

In fact, you’ll probably make the money back when you get a flash of inspiration for a few emails after using what I’ll show you.

If this is something that interests you, here’s the next step:

Tap this link to order the workshop(order page work in progress)