About Jay

N o idea is safe

I write copy…

Y’all call it junk mail… it still sells like crazy.

What I blog about

My Story

Born and raised in Southern Africa, Jay Makoni has been writing copy since 2014.

His years of experience have seen him writing in more markets then he can remember… 

Including men’s and women’s dating, personal development, financial, software, emails, biz-op, four figure masterminds and some work in the health niche.

Because he never specialised, he ended up getting positions where he had to learn almost all the different forms of copy, including emails, sales pages, video sales letters and email sequences.

His core belief when it comes to copy is how no idea is sacred when you’re coming up with a promo.

He became known for his sarcastic sense of humour and storytelling skills, which those who read his emails know first hand.

A believer in constant personal development and education, he considers sharing his Copywriting knowledge as a part of his own training… as this allows him to learn through those he teaches.

This website is owned, and run by Jay Makoni.