ATTN: Coaches, Consultants, agencies and service businesses…

If I offered to add an additional $15,000 revenue to your bottom line(minimum), from your email list over the next 30 days…

So you can:

🔥Monetize your hidden asset (your list)

🔥Make bank while focusing on the biz, and NOT the lead gen

🔥Get an ROI for your hard earned subscribers

All of this…

❌Without you having to come up with any new content yourself

❌ Without you having to write any emails

❌ If you choose, without you having to schedule any emails either…

Hi, I’m Jay.

Hi, I’m Jay.

The uncensored copywriter, and I want to make you moar moolah. Here’s a bit about me:

I’ve been a coach for Anik Singal in his premium programs… And I’ve written for Jason Fladlien for one of his high ticket masterminds (when I was part of his copywriting team).

And I believe as long as your offer and list qualify, I can pull some cash from them.

Your investment?

Normally, it’s $5000, but you’re not gonna pay me $5000 all at once.

You see…

I charge 5% of net profits up to $5000 per month for my emails. (I don’t make you money, you don’t pay me… At the same time my revenue share has a hard ceiling so you keep the rest after that).

But to kindle the relationship, your investment would be $500 and I’ll write a month’s worth of emails for your list.

The remaining $4500 will ONLY be paid from the profits I make you.

I’m other words, either MY EMAILS WORK OR YOU DO NOT PAY ME.


Hit me up in the DMs and let’s have a brief chat.

If we’re a good fit, we’ll get started.

As for “capturing your voice”…

I only need about 45 minutes on the phone with you to capture your personality so I can write as you.


Now just to be clear… I have limited capacity for this.

If I took more work than I could handle, I’d have to clone myself😂🤣

Seriously though, considering my current workload, I have to pick my clients carefully to optimise my peak work capacity.

If you qualify we’ll chat for a bit so you explain the offer to me, and share any details I should know.


Contact me over here

The offer is going on a strict first come, first serve basis.

My samples are available on request.

This has been a Jay Makoni offer

Till the next wave of madness…

Vae Victis