Hey, business owners…

Got a high ticket offer or program lying around?

If I offered to create an evergreen “fountain of sales” funnel for your business to sell this high ticket program… Would you take me up on this deal?

Here’s the rub:

I’m searching for one person to join forces with on this project. The question is, are you the one?

Here’s what you get:

🔥Landing page for the lead magnet

🔥Thank you page for the opt in

🔥10 emails after the opt in

🔥Sales Page

🔥3 abandon cart emails

🔥1x upsell page

🔥1x downsell sales pages

How long will this take?

21 days.


I’ll need SOME creative freedom to be able to squeeze out the best ideas. Almost everyone knows I’m partially insane, and it’s my insanity which drives my creativity. As long as my insanity complies with your legal department I’m game *chews squirrel, rolls around in straight jacket* 

Just to be clear though, not everyone will qualify for this offer. 

Not because I’m using some fake scarcity crap but simply because if I don’t think my copy can help you, then it really can’t help you (Hey, “I’m good, not god” as Gary Halbert would say)

Ideally you’ll need to have an email list already. If it’s a list of buyers, even better! 

I’ll need access to the actual product so I can try to extract the ideas on my own. If you already have a breakdown of what’s in the product that will help speed things up.

If possible I’ll also need access to your testimonials, along with some data about your past buyers (this makes the research phase way easier)

Now as I said above, I have a spot for just one client to work with for this.

Now as I said above, I have a spot for just one client to work with for this.

If I took two I’d have to clone myself 😂🤣

Seriously though, considering my current workload, one client for this project is my peak work capacity.

This spot won’t be open again for at least another month, and by then it will not be at this price point.

If you qualify we’ll chat for a bit so you explain the offer to me, and share any details I should know.


Contact me over here

The offer is going on a strict first come, first serve basis.

And due to the price point there won’t be a “waiting list” once the offer is taken at this price point.

My samples are available on request.

This has been a Jay Makoni offer

Till the next wave of madness…

Vae Victis